Dog Training Brisbane

Tail Waggerz offers one-on-one dog obedience training, behavioural training and puppy training in Brisbane Northside suburbs.

We offer a variety of services to train your dog in Brisbane for any situation and environment. We don’t just train your dogs, we train the humans too! Our mission is to help build a strong, trusting, and respectful relationship between you and your best friend.

We understand first-hand how hard it can be to see our best friends distressed, after owning a Border Collie with specific behavioural concerns. Gracen (the Owner of Tail Waggerz), craved a deeper knowledge and understanding of how to help dogs work through their biggest stresses’ and support them through on-going training. Gracen has made it a lifetime passion through study, observation and dedication to develop highly effective techniques and customised application for each dog and situation.

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Through our balanced training methods, you will see big developments in your dog’s behaviour. We as humans need to understand that our canine friends learn differently to us, they use their instincts in everything they do.

Before you start our training, we highly recommend that you have a crate for your dog for the best results. Our family dog is, after all, descended from wild ancestors who sought the comfort and security of a den. You’ll be surprised at how they will accept a crate as their own Zen space when introduced effectively.

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Tail Waggerz Dog Training can help with:
- Learn how to sit, drop and come when called
- Dealing with loud noises, strangers and out of the ordinary circumstances
- Loose Lead Walking
- Confidence Building
- Teaching your dog the ‘Work and Release’ Mode
- Crate and Place Training
- Socialisation with other dogs
- Anxiety Management and Reduction
- Fetching and Retrieving
- Trick Training

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